Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I have always been a ' short' lover! Rain or snow I am still trotting out in my high waisted denims! I wear them casually in the day with either knee high socks or if it's too cold I slip on some black tights. There isn't a time in the year when I don't think they are not acceptable! This is why I was so excited that summer is just around the corner and the funny looks fade as I can strut down the street in my black hot pants and converse. With high-street stores like Urban outfitters and Topshop stocking all my favourite styles of shorts I never go without a choice. Most of mine are high waisted but I do own a few pairs of low rise shorts which I love just as much. The American flag shorts which are shown in the picture above are my most recent buy. With some spare cash left over from Christmas, these made it in to my new years eve outfit! I can't wait for the floral and pastel shades to start making there way into my favourite shops. It's shorts all year around for me!

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