Thursday, 19 January 2012

to save or not to save.

 During  a brief conversation this afternoon with a friend I was happy to find out I am not the only girl out there hoarding all my clothes. As we made our way around Top Shop, the talk of clothes couldn't be avoided.  I tried to explain to Rhee how I enjoy spending money on clothes but then save them for what i call a ' special occasion'. I admitted that a majority of my wardrobe was full of beautiful clothes that were just too nice to wear. I was surprised when she too loved buying and saving, although I know how much she loves to shop anyway. I didn't think for a minute she kept her favourite items hanging in her wardrobe for months on end. I was pleased to know I wasn't the only girl doing this and that we shared the slight obsession with keeping our clothes for best. Not one to tell lies,  I even admitted that some of my tops would hang for so long that they would go out of fashion or the season would change and I would have to save it for even longer! This doesn't seem to phase me much as I know I always have something new hanging in my wardrobe, if i ever have a down day and I am strapped for cash, I simply reach for those items! Maybe not a genius idea when you sometimes forget about that cardigan that has been waiting for over a year for it's special outing but I am almost certain there will be a time and place for it. My other weakness is not wearing something because I don't want to get it ruined. I have Juicy Couture jewellery stacked but I don't dare to touch it! It too sits there waiting for it's time which may never come as the thought of getting it tarnished almost sends me over the edge. Some may say this is a tad extreme but today I found my first clothes keeper, I know you are out there!

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