Saturday, 8 June 2013

Jaycee Dugard - a stolen life... ( Review)

This is a reflective and emotional read which undoubtably addresses the importance of love and family. Jaycee  was 11 years old when she was taken by her abductor in the Summer of 1991. She very beautifully retells a story that leaves you feeling everything from sad to inspired. Her diary extracts reveal 18 years worth of captivity and tell the story of a very brave individual. The memoir retells many of Jaycee's ordeals in the cruel hands of Phillip Garrido. This was at times difficult to read but her positive attitude towards life makes this an inspirational read. Her stolen life hasn't stopped Jaycee from helping others and since her release she has gone on to create a foundation ( the J-A-Y-C foundation) Helping other families and victims of abductions, Jayce's journey undeniably represents true survival. 

It's a wonderful read.

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